I was having a challenging day this past week. Joi-Ashli shared her lovely smile and incredible stories when I had the pleasure of her coming to my deli. I admit it I was ornery at first, she took my crankiness and gave my heart and soul the positive infusion of energy it truly needed.  I have been introduced to this program. I am looking forward to who I shall become as I write my own story.  Thank you again for the inspiration and the opportunity to develop myself.
Kimberly H., SLC

I spent 12 years in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. I finally left my wife, but not only did I give up my home and belongings in the divorce, I had lost my confidence, esteem & sense of self.  
WYS programs taught me so much about myself, where I got the self-defeating ideas that were destroying me, and how I could be the person I was created to be.   It's not religion, It's not a bunch of motivational hype, it's just simple concepts shared in an intriguing and insightful manner and topped with fun.  With the program and participation support I received from WYS I am now doing exactly what I have always dreamed of doing.  

R Ross, Phoenix

Thank you so much.  Relaxing evening! 

Great company, great yoga, great food, great info!!  

P. Hansen, Head Start School 

Inspiring, Thank you.  

Tony S. Head Start School

Thank you for your insight, for asking questions and stating observations rather than criticisms and condemnations.


I recently had the pleasure of being part of a workshop that Joi did for our mastermind group.  Joi was             enthusiastic as well as motivational.  Her exercises made all of us stop and think about who we really are as individuals.  She made us all realize that it doesn't matter what age you are you can always make changes in your life for the better. Thank you Joi for your wonderful outlook on life.  

D Jay, Artist, Quiller

Miss Joi Ashli,  I suppose you are wondering what it was during our initial meeting that struck me to the core. I was impressed with your dignity and true to your positivity.  I was rather rude when I first saw you.  You called me on it. :-) I needed it. I was further impressed with the stories of your adventures told so willingly and enthusiastically. 

I have been extra attentive to my attitude and if I am to abrupt or snarly I apologize and ask to start over.  Which I have been tested on for example, I was alone in the department and all the sudden there was a loud noise and I found a strange man in the water closet. I demanded to know who he was and well we both were rather obstinate to each other right off.  After just about 3 min of tense discussion I stepped back and took a deep breath, admitted that he had startled me and that I had argued with my kid the night before so I was a little heated under the collar.  I asked him if we could start over again and this time cooperate so we didn't have the unnecessary tension.  He chuckled and admitted that he had argued with his granddaughter that morning and whole heartedly wanted peace.  I have become quite pleased with my new mindset.  

Kim, Cottonwood, AZ