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Business & Entrepreneurship

Seven Insights for Entrepreneurs offers 7 essential principles for being successful in business and throughout life: Be unimpeachable, never take things personally, never presuppose, practice what you preach, and much more. Seven Insights for Entrepreneurs is a 100% inter-active participation forum that offers opportunities for introspection, building communication with, and learning from other entrepreneurs, developing report and possibilities, connecting with potential clients and investors, brainstorming, personal and business growth. A great program for entrepreneurs, want-to-be entrepreneurs, employees, want-to-be employed or none of the above.

A great program for entrepreneurs, want-to-be entrepreneurs, employees, want-to-be employed or none of the above.
Everyone can benefit from these simple insights.

Popular Programs

Creating Possibilities

The Genie of the Universe is shouting out to you, "Your wish is my command".
If you could Be or Do anything - What would it be?
Where would you go? What would you like to have? ANYTHING ANYWHERE!
Do you have a passion that you would like to capitalize on? Do you have an idea that could change your quality of life, your families, your communities, your world?
A purposeful and insightful activity that provides a way for you to create a simple to follow plan that allows you to design the life you thought you could only dream of.

A perfect program for adults and youth alike.

Everyday Issues Women Face

What’s Wrong with My: Focus, Mood, Weight, Skin, Libido?
Why can’t I concentrate, why am I always crying, stressed and up tight? Why can’t I get rid of these extra pounds? Why am I so ugly, wrinkled, dried up, & splotchy? What’s wrong with my significant other, and what is it that they don’t understand about, NOT TONIGHT! What’s wrong with me, am I going CRAZY?

PMS-Perfect in My Skin

In this setting your focus is on understanding and learning to see the perfect being that you are versus what your many surrounding sources tell you that you need to be. Including but not nearly limited to the media and world of augmentation which tells you needs to be lifted, plumped, stretched, filled, straightened and sucked in order to be anything. 
PMS incorporates segments of various other programs and is custom tailored to fit your group needs, experience, and entertainment.

A perfect program for young women.

What Was He Thinking?

Life and perspectives from a man's (and father's) point of view. Why he responds the way he does.  Ask questions like, "Why does my Dad do, say or think that?"

A perfect program for young women who don't understand how Dad can sometimes be "so uncool".  

Safari's and Retreats

Wellderness Discovery Safari & Retreat
Love to hike? Discover much more than just the great outdoors. This is an inter-active and introspective experience that always results in perfect exactness of what you need. 

Network Safari's & Retreats
This is not your typical networking encounter.
Network Safari offers a twist on business networking. Like our Wellderness Safari, this hike is also geared to encourage introspection, but even more, it’s an invitation to experience networking in a whole new way. 

The intent of WYS programs is to promote self-realization, insight and inspiration. To motivate you and other participants to develop awareness of, and stop living in, the stories that others have written for you and to create your own so you will rise above current circumstances (whether in your business life or personal, internal or external) and become the creator of the life you deserve and dream of. 

Enjoy your day and let nothing Funk your Shui

Joi-Ashli, HHP

Program Director

Write Your Story

Write Your Story is NOT about writing your autobiography. In fact, it is not really about writing a story at all. It is a metaphor for what is possible. You could: write a book, cure an illness, create a new concept or, invent something great; Do something that will change a community, Change your world and the world around you. 

Suitable program for ages 12 and above, as well as at risk groups and individuals.