Outdoor Activity Specialist

During your visit today you will meet just a few of your Mentor resources. At WYS we are always searching for those who have wonderful and relatable thoughts and experiences to encourage the same in you. It is our belief that ill thoughts and attitudes do not serve us. Not on a personal level and not on a global level. 

Hypnotist Vietnam Vet, Bad Habit Breaker

Health Therapist, Relationship Specialist

Entrepreneur, World Renown Artistic Glass Blower

Photographer, Watercolor, Artist, Entrepreneur

Mentor Relations, Corporate Coach and Program Facilitator

Meet Our Mentors

Ordinary People doing amazing things - And sharing how YOU CAN TOO!

Guest presenters and expert mentors are thoughtfully selected from a variety of fields and modalities for the multiplicity of programs available through WYS Education. These talented and motivating contributors dedicate their lives to sharing their knowledge and experience to guide you through interactive exercises and activities, and into a new state of self-realization, realm of possibilities, true potentials, and your greatness.

You too can experience obtaining or regaining control over life choices and circumstances enabling you to redesign and create the optimal life, increased productivity, level of healthy psyche and inner-wealth you deserve and are meant to have - no matter where you've been.​

Health Practitioner, Evolution Specialist and Inspired Writer

Life Coach Entrepreneur Author of: Moving The Stars