Very intuitive, Mateo has a deep comprehension of the important concept that he alone is responsible for the creation, degree and success of his personal happiness and that of no one else. He understands people and loves us all for the beings we truly are rather than judging by circumstance, beliefs or lifestyle, etc. 

Mateo shares with audiences the phenomenon of this message and other topics in both English and Spanish. 

Mateo is a former Organizing Committee Member for Intel Arizona's Annual Women Conference and the following is a small sample of Mateo's specialty programs.

Corporate Topics:

  • Program/Project Management 

  • Team Building Coaching

Community Topics:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness workshops 
  • "Why should my child choose a STEM career" parent workshops
  • Empowerment workshops for College students  
  • "Design your Future" for non-profit organizations

Meet our Creative Director

Agilio Mateo Acuna
Mentor Relations, Corporate Coach and Program Facilitator
Mateo joins WYS Education from Central America's, Panama

 When you attend an event with or get to know Mateo, you will notice that he always appears to be happy and in peace whether he is with others or alone. 

Something to Think About

“I was strong willed, not afraid to work to get the things I wanted but I lacked confidence and self-esteem as I was all too often criticized, made fun of, and condemned throughout my youth and into adulthood which led to a number of unsatisfying and unsuccessful relationships.”  

Coming from an existence of anger, defense, hurt, defiance, and self-delusion, writing saved the spirit of Joi-Ashli. “I had lost my identity and felt constantly sick from undue pressures and emotionally toxic stressors. I had spent my life looking in the mirror at what I saw as a fat, hideously ugly person. At one point I feared I was close to admitting myself for a nervous break down.” Then she turned once again to the best way she knew how to express her thoughts, and under the name of JA Farrar, MEMOIRS of Alexandra Benton was born. “I learned something about me in my writing and I took my first step - left my circumstances and started searching for answers. This was when I learned about story’s - the many, many story’s we have all been told since the beginning of mans existence, where we learn those story’s, how they effect us and the truth of our true Being, our true potential.”  

Once declared by those she respected and talent agents, that she could not be an actress or model because she was just an ‘average American girl’, too short, too simple, too shy, too ordinary; in 2013 Joi-Ashli was chosen by international watercolor artist Gabriel Krekk, to be the first model in a 25 painting series. No longer an average American girl, Joi-Ashli is now an

  'American Cowgirl’

Joi-Ashli has practiced in the fields of prevention, natural health, nutrition, and medical   esthetics for more than 20 years creating success plans and guiding clients toward obtaining or regaining control over health and wellness issues and enabling their ability to enjoy a life of optimal wholeness—mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, physically. She has authored many pieces, but it is her most recent novel entitled; MEMOIRS of Alexandra Benton, that has had the biggest impact on her life and that of its readers, as they discover that the stories in our mind can become the reality of our world.  

Joi-Ashli serves her local and surrounding law enforcement agencies by providing crime   prevention education to both residential and business communities, and as an A.C.E. (Adverse Childhood Experiences) program presenter.

“Never hesitate to volunteer as you never know where it will bring you to. I do what I do today because of the volunteer service I have given in the past. You never know who you will meet, whose life you will touch and again, what it may offer you. Don’t be afraid to give.

The Story behind ‘Write Your Story’  

My story and creation of WYS Education signature program, 'Write Your Story'; It’s not about writing your autobiography, It’s about Changing your Life.

I wrote a book - from the back of my horse in fact... 

I filled the pages with stories based on truth, and fiction that became true, and continues to come true, but maybe more importantly thru the writing of MEMOIRS of Alexandra Benton, was the person that I met when reading the stories that I had written.  I met a ME that was greater then I had ever realized or seen before.  

"Everything is perception right, and when I looked at myself from a different place - I saw myself completely differently."  

Memoirs of Alexandra Benton, the novel, was not written to be a manual for writing your own story. It was written day after day from the back of my horse, and on road trips with my children. Alexandra’s story is based on true events, people, experiences, etc. from my life. It started as a short story, but as the strain, pressure, and anxiety of my life grew, so did the number of pages. I wrote to escape stress and a loss of identity.

What I have learned is that stress, anxiety, trauma… they are perception. There are no negatives; only opportunities. And through it all I found one of the most amazing people God has ever placed on this Earth. I had known her all my life but never saw her for who she was -  who she is. I thought she was just a face in a crowd of millions.  

Getting to know her: I saw talent, intelligence, beauty, humor, creativity, and an incredible capability to love everyone she comes in contact with and grace them with a desire and ability to see more, and to have vision. Why had I not seen her for who she was earlier? I was ‘reading’, (and had learned from) the story’s others had written for me rather than creating my own. “Let me ask you this question, Who’s story are you living in and How’s it working for you?”. 

The creation of the Write Your Story workshop was inspired by the truth that many of the fictional characters and events in Alexandra’s life have become part of my reality - even events that are included in the sequel.  

Write Your Story workshops and accompanying workbook as well as all WYS programs are tools for clearer vision. They are introspective and empowering and will help you to not just change, but transform your life, your world, and how you perceive and experience the universe that you are a part of.   

Joi-Ashli, HHP
Health Practitioner, Evolution Specialist and Inspired Writer

It was arranged between a young mother and the county of Los Angeles, prior to the term date of her unplanned pregnancy, to surrender her unborn child to adoption. The young woman’s fiance’ refused to take responsibility, denying a paternal role. The innocent newborn infant was then placed into short-term foster care where neglect and/or abuse was suspected. These types of early life experiences, although unremembered, can leave an unexpected, even lifelong imprint on a person. Abandonment, rejection, victimization leading to bullying and an unhealthy cycle.

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From the beginning of your existence in this life you have been taught who you are, what you believe, what you are worth, what you can or can't do, what life's rules are... Who made up those rules, whose story are you living in, and how's it working for you?
If you are tired of living in the story that others have written for you and ready to create your own...
WYS Education is where you want to be. 

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